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Compiled Links for Vassalord translations
Chapter 33 (scans done here)
Chapter 34 (scans done here)
Chapter 35 Part 1 and Part 2 (scans done here)
Extra Pages (scanlation on Aarinfantasy)

Vassalord Extra pages translation
Page 1:
Picture source: Secretly take via cellphone
*Lots of Japanese names here. I’m assuming these are the credits?

Page 2:
These are the extra pages to Volume 7. If you like this work, please purchase the official volume.

Page 3:
Chris: However
           Little by little
           Without hurry
           Allow me to share
           In the burdens of your heart

Page 4:
Rayflo: Neh…Chris
              Want to do it?

Page 5:
Rayflo: Hah….hah….
              Go slower..
SFX: *Suck suck suck suck*
Rayflo thoughts: Damn…I’m at my limit
Rayflo speaking out loud: ….already said
                                         ….not to suck there
Rayflo thoughts: The blood for the blood transfusion should be…

Page 6:
Rayflo: Wha-What, Chris?
Chris: …Please bite this
           If you want blood, then please feed from my blood.
           I have never drunk from anyone except for you.
           Which is to say, this body is solely comprised of your blood.

Page 7:
Chris: But that doesn't mean it’s the same as that thing.
           Even if it’s
           only by this small measure
           that I can become a part of your body.
           This “fear of losing you” can then disappear…
Rayflo (?)’s thoughts: ---It would be good if that could truly happen.
*Sucking, licking noises*
-----tsk!! [TL note: SFX like a sucking in of breath]

Page 8:
Belial/Mailer: I have finally found my object of greatest “worth”
                     My ADAM
Thanks to linkeepsitreal and silvermarble118 for Chinese raws :)

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Rest of chapter 35
Page 29:
Priest: ----..Once, the demon Belial created a city called Sodom for dissolute vampires
           His sins spread from Sodom to Gomorrah
            And the vampires ravaged that city as well
             God’s messenger used “fire” and “sulfur” to destroy the two cities---…
             Now Rosario Probenzano has taken the place of that "fire". The one that wiped out the
              village must have been him. [TL note: This is the fake(?) name 86 used when he attacked Alford's facility)
             But to allow the completely defenseless Noctians to escape—it seems the “fire” yet refuses to
             combine with the “sulfur”
Soldier: What exactly is going on….?
Page 30:
Priest: The “fire” is tantamount to the judgment of God’s angels
             Which is to say that God did not find “sins” in the vampires.
             However from now on we will continue to keep an eye on them
             Christopher, who has abandoned his faith, will find no path ahead of him…
             And when God decides that judgement will fall upon their heads, “fire” will combine with the
             “sulfur” that is Liu Yaoding and once again become one.
             At that hour will be the long-awaited all-out war between us and “God’s army,” and the
Page 31:
Fortunately, everything returned to normal.  Craig returned to LA and became a policeman again. He moved out of the building which Yaoding had kept tabs on and is currently looking for a new place to live.

Rayfell and Cheryl returned to their home. Well, since Barry is still with them, perhaps we should call it their home. But, due to Rayfell constantly wanting to hear news about her son Alford, she will likely be moving to a home closer to him in the future.

Alford is recovering under Master’s watch with Raymond and the clones taking care of him. It appears that they are pretty capable after all. Alford also seems to be pretty comfortable there. It seems that in the future it will be where he stays under house arrest as well as his research area.

Master and I along with Minea also arrived in the Sacramento apartment, living a life not much different from before…
Although I’d very much like to say so, at the behest of Ascam and Malcolm, I have no choice but to make some media appearances as Christopher J. Goss.

*typing noises*
Page 32
*typing noises*
Chris’ thoughts: Being a model and the face of brand names are things I can't avoid doing.
                              Recently I’ve also become a human rights activist---…
Rayflo: Ah~~~~~coming back to our home is the best!
Chris: Of course.
Rayflo: Why do you have to write that report? Aren’t you no longer obligated to report to the Vatican?
Chris: Right.
Rayflo: …are you listening to me?
              You haven’t even said your usual catchphrase of “this isn’t our home it’s my home.”
Chris: I have been listening. There’s nothing wrong with saying our home. Because we’re already partners, so
             this is our home  now. [TL note: Readers can take “partners” to mean “soul mates” or something
             like that. The characters used here are a little underwhelming.]
Rayflo: You…haven’t you been using the word “partner” too many times lately….?
Chris: Yes

Page 33:
Chris: Because
            I’m very happy
Page 34:
Rayflo:---…How did you become such a --OW-OW-OW-- bad adult!!
*bite bite* *quiver quiver*
Chris: Because I only had a “bad adult” to learn from.
           Are you going to continue treating me like a child?
           Aren’t we partners now?
           Why not make a request in light of that?
Page 35
Rayflo: …what request…
             Don’t…don’t suck there…
             Let go…ah…
Page 36
            At that time, when Barry taunted me, saying I didn’t even know your real name
            My resolve was weak and therefore I became irrational.
            Even if Master had already let go of everything
            I know you still wanted to protect me from the demon’s attack.
Page 37
Chris: But
           Little by little
           Without hurry
           Allow me
           To share the burdens of your heart
Page 38
Mailer/Belial: …I have finally found my object of greatest “worth”
              MY ADAM
Page 39:
         “The citizens you were supposed to protect”
         “The people you love the most”
These three things are the price of the power which I have bestowed upon you.
Adam: …body repeatedly sullied
             The kingdom which should have been protected has fallen…
             My beloved princess dead…
             You have taken away enough…
             Don’t bother me anymore!
             This power no longer has any meaning…!!
Belial: ----…My, oh my
             Was it me who destroyed your kingdom?
              Do you still think that
Page 40
Alas, the sadness!
Your kingdom was destroyed
Your beloved princess killed
All due to the tactics of the neighboring kingdom
And I
Just happened to appear in front of you at that very moment
Adam: Belial you bastard!! You lied to me!!
Belial: Ah…my dim-witted yet beloved Adam
            So very beloved
I have given you this eternity
So that you may once again find the remaining two “costs” of your power
“The people you must protect”
And “Your most beloved person”
……Only to lose them once again-----…
Page 41
---…Even if it’s just starting from today
Page 42
Rayflo: Neh…Chris
Even if you are taken from my side
Rayflo: Let me tell you my real name.
              My real name is---…[TL note:………=_=………Are you kidding me?!]
I swear from this day forth, I will have no regrets.

Vertical bar: Thank you for your long-time support.

Afterword from the author: Initial lines talk about her feelings about this 9-year journey and her thanks. Last few lines:
Of course this last chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. The Vassalord story will continue forever! Until next time!
Clarification: "Princess" should be interpreted as "Crown Princess" i.e. "heiress to the throne."

TL notes: Had some trouble with names and Chinese phrases which didn't really make sense in English. If I got something wrong or if something is confusing let me know.

Vassalord ch 35 pg 1-28 translation
Vassalord Chapter 35 Translation
Page 2: (page 1 was cover page)
Rayflo: ALFORD!!
Alford: *huu huu*
Page 3-4:
Right: Something about this series finally coming to an end
Left: There is a long road ahead I want to walk together with you.
Page 5:
*banging sounds*
Rayflo: Damn!!
Craig: Really now, shooting from behind a child…and here I thought you were an honorable gentleman.
Page 6:
Craig: Just let this former police officer be your opponent, then.
Yaoding: …Craig
*Bang bang*
Rayflo: Hold on, Alford! I’m pulling you up now!!
Alford: I’m a proud, independent man!!  I’ve lived by only relying on my own strength, and I’ll die the
              same way…!
Page 7:
Rayflo: What stupidity are you spouting…?!
Alford: You chose that man—you don’t have time for well-meaning sympathy!
              Christopher is dying!!
Page 8:
Rayflo: Chris!! Everything will be fine—I’m rescuing you right now!
              Silver nails…!
Chris: It’s no use, Master. Even if you pulled out these nails, I will be unable to leave Alford’s side…
            The moment he falls my head will explode as well. So please…
Page 9:
Chris: …What are you doing…
           Are you actually planning on dying together with me…?!
Page 10:
*bang bang* *sirens*
Craig: The local police have finally arrived.
Yaoding’s subordinate: Master Yaoding, please allow me to take over from here, while you take cover.
Yaoding: …I don’t want to cause unnecessary disturbance. We’ll retreat for now.
                 Let’s search the forest where they’re coming out from. There we should be able to find a route
                  to Alford’s secret base.
Page 11:
Alford: *ha…ha…* I…I am Alford Waynes…
                 How can I…die in such a ignominious fashion…
Rayflo: …”Can you promise that from this day forth, no matter what happens, you will have no regrets?”
             …that was what I asked you that day.
Page 12:
Rayflo: Actually, I was also directing that question at myself.
              I know you must feel remorse and thus resent me…
              Even so
Page 13:
Rayflo: I still wish to remain by your side…! (TL note: The two panels side-by-side shows his feelings were the same in both instances)
Chris: …the same expression
           At that time, were you also crying like this...
Page 14:
Chris: …God can be really cruel
            If it hadn’t been raining that day
            Our hearts and souls would have been connected long ago
            And so much time wouldn’t have been wasted
           There is something I still need you to teach me
[TL note: If it isn't clear, I think what Chris means is that if it wasn't raining, he could have known that his master was crying that day, and would have known his true feelings much sooner.]
Rayflo: What is it? Anything I can explain to you here…I will tell you anything.
Page 15:
Rayflo: …Very well
             There’s not much time left. So let us get to the crux of the matter then.
Chris: Ah-ah….please teach me step-by-step.
Page 16:
Alford: What’s going on…
Page 18:
*Bats squeaking*
Page 20:
Alford’s thought: ---Father---
Craig: So you’re really father and son? Though I can’t heal you, at least I can stop the bleeding.
Page 21:
Craig: Even if Rayflo hadn’t asked me not to
            I knew from the beginning I couldn’t kill you.
            Initially I was suspicious of you, so I got close to you to keep an eye on you.
            …But even now that I know the truth, I can’t find a way to hate you.
           Because of that look of admiration and trust in your eyes
           Without any hint of deception
Page 22:
Craig: Isn’t that right? Alford.
Alfrod: ……*sob*
              Mr. Craig…
              I’m sorry, Mr. Craig…
              I’mb sowwy….
Page 26:
The remaining LANSIL and VASSALORD along with the machines that created them were destroyed in the explosion that wiped out the village. Although an entire village had disappeared, no mention of it was made in the media.

As corresponding records show, the surviving Noctians returned home, with Walter Ascam now functioning as their leader. He is hard at work creating an environment in which they do not harm society, and yet do not suffer while living as vampires.

Alford Waynes, under Craig’s supervision, returned to America and paid the dues for his actions under his true identity, Alford Waynes. Under Craig and our supervision, he then began researching medicines that would restore the Noctians’ constitution.

All traces of Mailer have vanished. If he has purposely hidden himself, it will be very difficult to find him. 86, who was most instrumental during the battle, has also disappeared, but not before leaving this mystifying message at the village.

Page 27:
Yaoding: …”There are still more than ten good people”
                      “Therefore I cannot return yet”…
                      Still, the message is undecipherable.
Subordinate: Although very few, there are still some resources regarding Vassalord remaining here.
                         Looks like this really was Alford Waynes’ secret base.
Yaoding: …This time that guy was badly hurt
                  The problem is, we’ve lost track of 86 again…
Lady on phone: …is that so.
                             But don’t be so disappointed, Yaoding.
Page 28:
Lady: Although it wasn’t complete annihilation, 86 inflicted serious injuries on Alford’s organization.
            Your fear of an “organization that will disturb the balance of the world” should no longer exist.
            And 86 refusing you
            must be because “that era” has not yet begun…
            Don’t worry, for there will be a day
            When the organization without a destiny will find its true leader in his clan.

Note: Long chapter with lotsa words, so I'll post up the rest of the chapter tomorrow :3

Vassalord Chapter 33 Translation

Vassalord Chapter 33 Translation
NOTE: I’ve skipped the pages with no dialogue. Also, the "blood barrier" is referring to the ability Cheryl  used before, that makes vampires weak and unable to use certain powers. I forgot the exact term used in the scanlations.

Page 1:
*News about the OVA coming with Volume 7*
Clone: Adam, the elevator’s here! Hurry and escape, don’t worry about us!
Page 4:
Craig: Get down…
Page 5:
Rayfelle: You're just in time, Mr. Craig.
Craig: Hurry and close the door. These things are completely useless.
Page 6:
Clone: Adam, that’s for you to use…
Rayflo: Even though I can’t compare to the Adam from the Bible, I’ve lived for a long time
              …I don’t want to experience any more of that feeling of waking up from a nightmare.
Page 7:
Raymond: I didn’t think the rescuers would arrive so quickly! That’s just what I’d expect of Adam!Though nearly all of them are being
                 guided by that madman, Rayflo must be pretty angry right now.

Clone: Hm? What’s wrong?
Raymond: ….that
Page 8:
Raymond: Eve…isn’t this a bit too..?
Rayfell: Don’t mind me. In a few minutes, Cheryl’s blood barrier will disappear. Then I can change my form back so that I’m wearing
             clothes again.
Raymond: B-but…
Rayfell-chibi: Hm? Hmmm? Could it be that seeing a woman who looks exactly like you makes you excited?
Raymond-chibi: Please…Please don’t…
Barry: Rayfell. Sorry to disturb the good time you seem to having, but take a look at this. Looks like our plan of advance has been
Page 9:
Someone: The power connecting to the basement has been cut?
Barry: Yes, although it has not been completely severed, the issue is those 86 who have been completely trapped there on the third
           floor. Having controlled the movements of enemy soldiers is good, but also trapping our own enforcements there defeats the
Raymond: Trapping them…is it to erase the evidence?!
Rayfell: Will they use explosives… or biochemical weapons?
Barry: I believe so. Adam seems to investigating right now.
Page 10
Rayfell:…then don’t worry. Alford won’t put Adam, whom he’s fascinated with, in a deadly situation.
              More importantly, the great demon Belial surely wouldn’t stand by and let harm come to Adam.
Barry: …Father no longer resides in my body
          …However, perhaps he could reside in the body of another person…
         He could be watching this very scene right now
Page 11
Rayfell: Say, isn’t it time to loosen your tongue
             And reveal the relationship between Rayflo and Alford.
             If he [Alford] knows to call him “Adam,” it’s hard to believe Belial had nothing to do with it. Which is to say, it’s impossible for
             you not to know the truth.
Barry: …heh heh
Rayfell: ?
Barry: Asking this question with such relative ease…out of curiosity?
      Why are you treating it like “someone else’s” affairs?
Page 12:
Barry: Are you thinking something like: “This has nothing to do with me.”?

Page 17:
Rayflo: C-Chris…
Page 19:
Chris: MASTER!
           Master!! Master! …Ah, he’s still inside the blood barrier
          What on earth is that thing?!!
Page 20:
Alford: This really is unexpected.
            The “Vampire Ancestor,” supposedly having abilities above and beyond those of normal vampires
            Which inspire awe and fear
            Now in such a weakened state.
Chris: Now’s not the time for philosophizing! Inside a blood barrier, it’s impossible for vampires to use their regenerative abilities.
          If you don’t help Master quickly--!
Page 21:
Alford: Then let’s first dissolve this barrier…
Chris: Has it already been 33 minutes…!
Page 22:
Rayflo: *heavy breathing*
Chris: Master! Thank goodness…!
Page 23:
Alford: That’s enough, Christopher. Come here.
Page 24:
Rayflo: …why
            Wait, Chris…!
Page 26:
Hurry   And   Escape
Page 27:
Rayflo: …I won’t. Give him back to me! Only that child…
            Only Chris I will never let you have…!!
Page 30:
Rayflo: …huff…huff…
Page 31:
*Squeaking sounds from the monster*
*Huffing sounds from Rayflo*
Page 33:
*plop plop*
Rayflo: *Huff huff*
Clone: So powerful, Adam…!
Craig: Are you alright Rayflo?! Your hand…
Page 34:
Clone: Eh…
Craig: Return to your normal self within five seconds, or else I’ll…
Page 35:
[Events will soon reach a climax]

Vassalord ch 34 translation
I found some Chinese raws online and decided to try my hand at translating! You can find the raws here: . I started with Chapter 34 'cause I wasn't sure if other chapters had been translated or not.
Page 1
Mailer: …really, for someone of my position to be escaping in such a haphazard manner…
Page 2:
Rayfell: Despicable. Now
Page 3:
Page 4:
Rayflo: Ha…ha…ha…
Rayfell: … Thinking clearly now?
Rayflo: Ah!...the train…
If I don’t go after them, Chris will…!

*Holds in place*
Page 5:
Rayfell: You…what exactly are you planning to do to Alford?
Will you kill him for Charley?
Rayflo: What are you saying Rayfell?
Get out of my way. Right now I only care about saving Chris…
Craig: Rayflo! I’m going to go after them. You two, hurry and catch up with us after you finish talking!
Page 6:
Rayflo:…now then, all that’s left to do is have Barry spit out the truth.
Rayfell flashback: About Alford…what is it you know about him exactly…?!
Rayfell: That boy, supposedly, is our “child.”
Page 7:
Soldiers: Damn it! Have the reinforcements from upstairs still not arrived?!
The path connecting the third and fourth levels has already been destroyed. We can only return the way we came…
86(I forgot his name): No need for that.
Page 8:
86: You can pick up~ Now who could be calling~~~?
Old Guy: Hello..?
Walter Ascam: Is the leader of the enemy soldiers with you? If so, give the phone to him.
Page 9:
Walter: My name is Walter Ascam.
I want to tell you the way out of the collapsed area that only our operatives know about
86: …As soon as there’s a life-threatening emergency, loyalty becomes a thing of the past. But the
strange thing is
If you just wanted to live, why not just save your own life?
Walter: Even a sinful man like me has some things he can still do.
Page 10:
Walter: That is, I can still protect the lives of those who have done no wrong.
86: Ah, so there’s even a “good guy” here.
Cheryl: …Master, where have you gone…
86: Chery~l
Come here~Come here~
Page 11:
86: We’re just about to go through the way out that Walter Ascam told us about. When
open up the entryway, Cheryl should come with us.
Cheryl: Huh…why?
86: Your most important person and the thing that only you can do are waiting for you there~
Page 12:
Rayflo: That child is …mine…and yours?
That is Alford’s misunderstanding.
Rayfell: Alford was created by Barry at Belial’s command. Barry took the necessary components
from each of our bodies, and combined your sperm and my eggs.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
Page 13:
Rayfell: Just like...
making a perfectly healthy woman pregnant…!
Rayflo: *vomiting noises*
…Why didn’t I know that I had created a child with something born of me(referring, ofc, to Eve
being created from his rib)…why!!
Page 14
Rayfell: Why?
Since when do demons need a reason for doing things that humans can understand
Disembodied voice from ceiling: Indeed, that feeling of displeasure, disgust at the immorality of the act,
is exactly what was intended.
Rayflo: Belial?! What’s going on, that’s not Barry’s voice…!
Page 15:
Barry: Ah, apparently
Father has come here already.
Clone: ?
Voice from ceiling: Now, if I were to give you a reason you could understand…
The precious blood I bestowed upon you can clearly foster greater and more
powerful countries than those of Sodom and Gomorrah,
And yet you, Adam and Eve, have never showed any inclination to produce future
generations. Thus, as the creator of your lineage, I must take it upon myself to create
a child who can build such a nation.
Rayflo: *Grits teeth*
Page 16:
…Did he disappear
What a joke! I’m going after Alford and Chris…
Page 17:
*Huu-- huu--*
Rayfell: …I won’t let you kill…my child!
Rayflo: Rayfell!
ST: Has she fallen for his manipulation?!
Page 18:
Rayfell’s thoughts: I have always wanted a child, a child that will always stay by my side
I am the mother of that child, I must save him…
Rayflo: Calm down Rayfell! Are. Those. Truly. Your. Words.
Page 19:
Rayflo: Take a look at our blood
If we mix it together and let someone drink it, that person will be our “eternal child”, our
“eternal partner.”
But, even if we don’t use such methods
There is already such a brightly shining light in your life!
Open your eyes and remember…!!
Page 20:
Cheryl: MASTER!!
Rayfell: …Cheryl…
Page 21:
Rayfell: Cheryl
Again, I have…
Cheryl: It’s alright, Master. It’s alright.
Page 22:
Craig: Huh?
Furry…gah! Bats!!
Rayflo: Craig, there are some things I need you to take care of for me.
Page 23:
No dialogue
Page 24:
Alford: The sunlight is very frightening. The eye which has seen the dawn has been burned. The two legs
which were soaked in holy water during baptism have lost their ability to move.
Page 25:
Alford: After living for a time, I began to realize that no matter how long I waited, my body would not
take the shape of those of other children. I was not whole.
With this body, I could accept pity from others without qualms, and thus I lived on.
But if people knew my body did not grow, there is no telling what atrocities I would be subject
to, thus I never stayed in one place for more than five years.
---I have always been alone---
Page 26:
Alford: Then one day, a beautiful woman appeared. She told me about Adam and Eve and the secret of
my conception.
Chris’ thoughts: Was that…a demon?
Alford: Creatures like demons and vampires…how could I believe in them? If I accepted that, then
wouldn’t I be a monster too?
This body of mine could reveal its nature to me through science. Chromosomal mutation,
porphyria [rare disease that could result in muscle weakness or skin manifestations after
exposure to sun]… a severe allergic reaction…
Page 27:
Chris: Master--….
Alford: Come up, Adam. Are you here to offer an exchange?
I have inserted into his head a bomb that will explode if he is more than a certain distance from
me. He will not defy me no matter how you persuade him.
Page 28:
Rayflo: ! Chris…
Alford: Me or him.
Choose the child that will spend the rest of eternity with you.
Page 29:
Alford: If you choose me, I promise that from today forth I will not do anything against your interests. All
you have to do is apologize.
Chris: Why?! This person is putting everything on the line…
Rayflo: Shut up, Chris.
Alford: If you choose him, then you shall both turn to ashes in the sun. The sun will shine where you are
standing. Of course, Chris has a certain resistance to sunlight, and you can turn into bats, but…
With you being so defenseless, even I could easily overpower you.
Page 30:
No dialogue (I’m not sure what sound that is…)
Page 31:
Rayflo: Even though you were a child created without my knowledge, please forgive my not knowing of
your existence.
A body without freedom, living alone these past few years…
It must have been very painful for you.
I will always acknowledge you as my child.
Page 32:
Rayflo: From today forth, I will live with Chris by my side.
Page 33:
Rayflo: My partner can only be Chris… and no one else!
Page 34:
Rayflo: Forgive me, Alford.
Page 35:
Alford: You finally said my name
Rayflo: ?!
Yaoding: Alford Waynes, the foolish “King of Paradise.”

*As you can tell, I had trouble with the names of some characters :3 Let me know if I got something wrong.
Edit: Thanks mineya_nyan for telling me the name of the "other old guy" :)

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