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Vassalord Chapter 33 Translation

Vassalord Chapter 33 Translation
NOTE: I’ve skipped the pages with no dialogue. Also, the "blood barrier" is referring to the ability Cheryl  used before, that makes vampires weak and unable to use certain powers. I forgot the exact term used in the scanlations.

Page 1:
*News about the OVA coming with Volume 7*
Clone: Adam, the elevator’s here! Hurry and escape, don’t worry about us!
Page 4:
Craig: Get down…
Page 5:
Rayfelle: You're just in time, Mr. Craig.
Craig: Hurry and close the door. These things are completely useless.
Page 6:
Clone: Adam, that’s for you to use…
Rayflo: Even though I can’t compare to the Adam from the Bible, I’ve lived for a long time
              …I don’t want to experience any more of that feeling of waking up from a nightmare.
Page 7:
Raymond: I didn’t think the rescuers would arrive so quickly! That’s just what I’d expect of Adam!Though nearly all of them are being
                 guided by that madman, Rayflo must be pretty angry right now.

Clone: Hm? What’s wrong?
Raymond: ….that
Page 8:
Raymond: Eve…isn’t this a bit too..?
Rayfell: Don’t mind me. In a few minutes, Cheryl’s blood barrier will disappear. Then I can change my form back so that I’m wearing
             clothes again.
Raymond: B-but…
Rayfell-chibi: Hm? Hmmm? Could it be that seeing a woman who looks exactly like you makes you excited?
Raymond-chibi: Please…Please don’t…
Barry: Rayfell. Sorry to disturb the good time you seem to having, but take a look at this. Looks like our plan of advance has been
Page 9:
Someone: The power connecting to the basement has been cut?
Barry: Yes, although it has not been completely severed, the issue is those 86 who have been completely trapped there on the third
           floor. Having controlled the movements of enemy soldiers is good, but also trapping our own enforcements there defeats the
Raymond: Trapping them…is it to erase the evidence?!
Rayfell: Will they use explosives… or biochemical weapons?
Barry: I believe so. Adam seems to investigating right now.
Page 10
Rayfell:…then don’t worry. Alford won’t put Adam, whom he’s fascinated with, in a deadly situation.
              More importantly, the great demon Belial surely wouldn’t stand by and let harm come to Adam.
Barry: …Father no longer resides in my body
          …However, perhaps he could reside in the body of another person…
         He could be watching this very scene right now
Page 11
Rayfell: Say, isn’t it time to loosen your tongue
             And reveal the relationship between Rayflo and Alford.
             If he [Alford] knows to call him “Adam,” it’s hard to believe Belial had nothing to do with it. Which is to say, it’s impossible for
             you not to know the truth.
Barry: …heh heh
Rayfell: ?
Barry: Asking this question with such relative ease…out of curiosity?
      Why are you treating it like “someone else’s” affairs?
Page 12:
Barry: Are you thinking something like: “This has nothing to do with me.”?

Page 17:
Rayflo: C-Chris…
Page 19:
Chris: MASTER!
           Master!! Master! …Ah, he’s still inside the blood barrier
          What on earth is that thing?!!
Page 20:
Alford: This really is unexpected.
            The “Vampire Ancestor,” supposedly having abilities above and beyond those of normal vampires
            Which inspire awe and fear
            Now in such a weakened state.
Chris: Now’s not the time for philosophizing! Inside a blood barrier, it’s impossible for vampires to use their regenerative abilities.
          If you don’t help Master quickly--!
Page 21:
Alford: Then let’s first dissolve this barrier…
Chris: Has it already been 33 minutes…!
Page 22:
Rayflo: *heavy breathing*
Chris: Master! Thank goodness…!
Page 23:
Alford: That’s enough, Christopher. Come here.
Page 24:
Rayflo: …why
            Wait, Chris…!
Page 26:
Hurry   And   Escape
Page 27:
Rayflo: …I won’t. Give him back to me! Only that child…
            Only Chris I will never let you have…!!
Page 30:
Rayflo: …huff…huff…
Page 31:
*Squeaking sounds from the monster*
*Huffing sounds from Rayflo*
Page 33:
*plop plop*
Rayflo: *Huff huff*
Clone: So powerful, Adam…!
Craig: Are you alright Rayflo?! Your hand…
Page 34:
Clone: Eh…
Craig: Return to your normal self within five seconds, or else I’ll…
Page 35:
[Events will soon reach a climax]

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I gives you fanarts. HUGE FAN ARTS. >.> damn photobucket.

Rayflo and Chris say Hi!

Those Pesky Vampires photo peskyvampires_zpsb6fb08e5.jpg

Love it! Bigger is better :D

I have to thank you again, because you saved my sanity with those translations. I'm pulling down a fanfic in progress to adjust it and so much more confident that A. I'm on the right track, B. If she kills them off in 35, I'm ignoring it. Totally.

Heh heh :) Whoever said fanfics had to be canon? If she kills them off, just attach a small "AU" tag or something ^_^

LOL, I just have this sort of obsession...>.>;; If I'm going to bother to write fanfic, I want to stick closely to the canon, so I don't get my ass shot off by complaining fans. (bad pun for the morning coffee win!)

I thought I heard somewhere that chapters 35 and 36 were out already. Just don't see them posted online anywhere. If I can get my hands on some (simplified) chinese raws I would TL them asap ^_^

35 isn't to be published until March 15, unless there have been pre-sales of the Comic Avarus magazine? As for a 36, is there such a thing? Or would Chrono-san do a double chapter ending? O_o Given that Chapter One and Two were double can only hope? But then again, I'm thinking perhaps she is more than done with this manga...the art work is getting rather slap dash.

Ha ha really? Must have misread something then lol. Not sure how long this manga will last, but I'm hoping she wraps it up properly.

According to the mangaka herself, 35 is the end. Alas...we all hope she lets them live!

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