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Vassalord ch 35 pg 1-28 translation
Vassalord Chapter 35 Translation
Page 2: (page 1 was cover page)
Rayflo: ALFORD!!
Alford: *huu huu*
Page 3-4:
Right: Something about this series finally coming to an end
Left: There is a long road ahead I want to walk together with you.
Page 5:
*banging sounds*
Rayflo: Damn!!
Craig: Really now, shooting from behind a child…and here I thought you were an honorable gentleman.
Page 6:
Craig: Just let this former police officer be your opponent, then.
Yaoding: …Craig
*Bang bang*
Rayflo: Hold on, Alford! I’m pulling you up now!!
Alford: I’m a proud, independent man!!  I’ve lived by only relying on my own strength, and I’ll die the
              same way…!
Page 7:
Rayflo: What stupidity are you spouting…?!
Alford: You chose that man—you don’t have time for well-meaning sympathy!
              Christopher is dying!!
Page 8:
Rayflo: Chris!! Everything will be fine—I’m rescuing you right now!
              Silver nails…!
Chris: It’s no use, Master. Even if you pulled out these nails, I will be unable to leave Alford’s side…
            The moment he falls my head will explode as well. So please…
Page 9:
Chris: …What are you doing…
           Are you actually planning on dying together with me…?!
Page 10:
*bang bang* *sirens*
Craig: The local police have finally arrived.
Yaoding’s subordinate: Master Yaoding, please allow me to take over from here, while you take cover.
Yaoding: …I don’t want to cause unnecessary disturbance. We’ll retreat for now.
                 Let’s search the forest where they’re coming out from. There we should be able to find a route
                  to Alford’s secret base.
Page 11:
Alford: *ha…ha…* I…I am Alford Waynes…
                 How can I…die in such a ignominious fashion…
Rayflo: …”Can you promise that from this day forth, no matter what happens, you will have no regrets?”
             …that was what I asked you that day.
Page 12:
Rayflo: Actually, I was also directing that question at myself.
              I know you must feel remorse and thus resent me…
              Even so
Page 13:
Rayflo: I still wish to remain by your side…! (TL note: The two panels side-by-side shows his feelings were the same in both instances)
Chris: …the same expression
           At that time, were you also crying like this...
Page 14:
Chris: …God can be really cruel
            If it hadn’t been raining that day
            Our hearts and souls would have been connected long ago
            And so much time wouldn’t have been wasted
           There is something I still need you to teach me
[TL note: If it isn't clear, I think what Chris means is that if it wasn't raining, he could have known that his master was crying that day, and would have known his true feelings much sooner.]
Rayflo: What is it? Anything I can explain to you here…I will tell you anything.
Page 15:
Rayflo: …Very well
             There’s not much time left. So let us get to the crux of the matter then.
Chris: Ah-ah….please teach me step-by-step.
Page 16:
Alford: What’s going on…
Page 18:
*Bats squeaking*
Page 20:
Alford’s thought: ---Father---
Craig: So you’re really father and son? Though I can’t heal you, at least I can stop the bleeding.
Page 21:
Craig: Even if Rayflo hadn’t asked me not to
            I knew from the beginning I couldn’t kill you.
            Initially I was suspicious of you, so I got close to you to keep an eye on you.
            …But even now that I know the truth, I can’t find a way to hate you.
           Because of that look of admiration and trust in your eyes
           Without any hint of deception
Page 22:
Craig: Isn’t that right? Alford.
Alfrod: ……*sob*
              Mr. Craig…
              I’m sorry, Mr. Craig…
              I’mb sowwy….
Page 26:
The remaining LANSIL and VASSALORD along with the machines that created them were destroyed in the explosion that wiped out the village. Although an entire village had disappeared, no mention of it was made in the media.

As corresponding records show, the surviving Noctians returned home, with Walter Ascam now functioning as their leader. He is hard at work creating an environment in which they do not harm society, and yet do not suffer while living as vampires.

Alford Waynes, under Craig’s supervision, returned to America and paid the dues for his actions under his true identity, Alford Waynes. Under Craig and our supervision, he then began researching medicines that would restore the Noctians’ constitution.

All traces of Mailer have vanished. If he has purposely hidden himself, it will be very difficult to find him. 86, who was most instrumental during the battle, has also disappeared, but not before leaving this mystifying message at the village.

Page 27:
Yaoding: …”There are still more than ten good people”
                      “Therefore I cannot return yet”…
                      Still, the message is undecipherable.
Subordinate: Although very few, there are still some resources regarding Vassalord remaining here.
                         Looks like this really was Alford Waynes’ secret base.
Yaoding: …This time that guy was badly hurt
                  The problem is, we’ve lost track of 86 again…
Lady on phone: …is that so.
                             But don’t be so disappointed, Yaoding.
Page 28:
Lady: Although it wasn’t complete annihilation, 86 inflicted serious injuries on Alford’s organization.
            Your fear of an “organization that will disturb the balance of the world” should no longer exist.
            And 86 refusing you
            must be because “that era” has not yet begun…
            Don’t worry, for there will be a day
            When the organization without a destiny will find its true leader in his clan.

Note: Long chapter with lotsa words, so I'll post up the rest of the chapter tomorrow :3

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I thought it would have been obvious to Chris that Rayflo loved him...

I know...but every time Rayflo says something about being together you can see Chris' expression of surprise...guess you can't say it enough times? Well this is a yaoi, meaning there has to be some misunderstanding somewhere >.>

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